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Olivier Courtois

Chief Financial Officer - France Region at AXA Investment Managers


Bio: Olivier has worked in the Finance Industry for 10 years, and is currently the CFO of the France Region for AXA IM.

He started his career 30 years ago in Italy, working as a financial controller in heavy industry. Olivier has always considered himself lucky to have met some wonderful people during this period who trusted him and gave him the opportunity to develop his technical skills, lead projects and step-by-step start taking responsibilities as manager. Olivier decided to leverage on his experience by joining a well-known consulting firm, spending many years as a consultant before becoming Partner where he was able to do business with a large scale of international clients.

Olivier says "I feel increasing visibility of LGBT+ talent in the industry is important as I have always promoted diversity, let people express their talents, and be themselves in their teams - whatever they are - as long as everybody respects everybody. As a matter of example, I am very serious and engaged in my job but my team knows that I am also musician in a band and can be "someone else" when I play with my colleagues on stage."