The Five Traits of Impactful Allyship


Session Background

Intersectional allyship provides a way to achieve more connected relationships with others and unleashes potential across all diversity dimensions. Allyship also helps to provide psychological safety and a sense of belonging at work. However, being an ally is a working process and takes practice. How can we conceptualise allyship? What does is actually mean in practice? What can we do to continually demonstrate allyship all year round? 

Join this Member-exclusive webinar with LGBT Great to explore these themes and the impact of allyship. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is an "ally"? 
  • What are the 5 traits of impactful allyship? 
  • The impact of allyship in an organisation - how positive action leads to change. 
  • An overview of LGBT Great's Role Modelling and mentoring programs.
  • Q&A 


The session draws on behavioural science and inclusion theory, which is brought to life through best practice examples and member testimonials. LGBT Great also offers the opportunity to highlight a member of your existing executive leadership team during the introduction of the session. This helps to situate the session in the context of your organisation and enables us to support a visible sponsor or leader to engage directly with this conversation. A pre-session / debrief is offered to the executive prior to the final delivery.

Length: 60 minutes

Format: Zoom Webinar, PowerPoint Presentation with live Q&A, chat and live polling.

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