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Jessica Hawes

Responsible Business Engagement Manager


Bio: Jess was formerly the Engagement Manager for Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) at St. James's Place, where she worked to help the whole firm understand and engage with inclusion initiatives. Jess' key area of interest is language, and how our use of conscious and unconscious language interacts with identity, ideology, inclusion and otherness'.

Jess has previously worked within the Communications team at St. James's Place, where she became the Comms Champion for I&D and supported events including Pride and International Women's Day.

For Jess, being inclusive at work, and in wider life, is fundamental. Jess comments: "The idea that people discriminate against others on the grounds of who they naturally are is unacceptable. It's really important for me to use my position to influence change and open people's eyes to the billion different ways to live a life. At St. James's Place, we focus a lot on storytelling, showing how our unique experiences and identities shape us, and drawing out the commonalities that help us interact with conscience and kindness and build strong relationships. Stories have real empathic power to shift the dial."

Across the past few years, Jess remarks on the company's growing focus on Inclusion & Diversity, on building awareness of the importance of an inclusive culture and how everyone can play their part in this. By aligning inclusion to the wider business strategy and external partnerships, St. James's Place is making committed and tangible strides and helping make the financial industry more accessible for everyone.