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Monica Bungar

Telephone Account Manager at Quilter


Bio: Monica Bungar joined the London distribution team at Quilter Cheviot in May 2019 as a Telephone Account Manager.

Monica recalls being asked at the age of 22: how do you expect to get a job with half of your head shaved?'. Monica does not shy away from the fact that being a minority has its challenges, but that has only encouraged her to push boundaries and challenge traditions.

Monica is passionate about amplifying the profile, visibility and voice of the LGBT community within financial services and hopes that increasing representation will help create an inclusive environment that allows all employees to be their authentic self.

Monica considers herself fortunate to be part of a progressive generation that seeks to stamp out discriminative behaviour. She strongly believes there is strength in difference and is an ardent advocate of equality driving diversity of thought. She believes that different people offer different experiences therefore different perspectives, and it is this which produces the best outcomes for both a business and its people.