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Chris Knight

Chief Executive Officer, Retail Retirement at Legal and General


Bio: Chris is CEO of L&G's Retail Retirement Customers Division and has a remit to deliver a range of products and services to help customers fund their retirement including market-leading lifetime mortgage, lifetime annuities and fixed-term retirement products.

Previously Chris was the Chief Financial Officer for L&G's Retirement Division and prior to that he was on the Board of the Group's UK Savings and Protection business. Chris joined L&G in 2009 having previously spent 10 years in actuarial and management consulting in Asia and Africa and has a First Class Honours Degree in Economics.

With his particular focus on customers looking towards retirement, Chris believes the industry can do more to improve the experience of older people who are LGBT+. Chris says "In LGRR, our customers are as diverse as we are. We are seeing the tragedy of LGBT+ people who were "out" during their working lives feeling they must go back "in" as they get older, becoming perhaps more vulnerable and are potentially requiring care. Stereotypically, we think of "older" people as "parents" or "grandparents". But this mode of thinking, like so many thought-habits relating to older age, is out of date - there are a million people age over 60 in the UK who don't have children".

He adds "I am delighted to be recognised as an LGBT+ executive ally representing Legal and General. I'm an Ally of the campaign because I passionately believe in the importance of L&G's 3-fold mission to improve the lives of our customers, make a positive impact on society for the long term and add value to our shareholders. In order to make this to fruition, we need to have a team of talented people drawn from all walks of lives and parts of society. No one has a monopoly on truth or good ideas. Unless we have wide range of people and perspectives, being fully themselves and giving fully of themselves, we will not be giving 100% to this mission."
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