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Mollie Leane

HR at Hg


Bio: Mollie is a HR Business Partner at Hg, where she has worked for the past 4 years. Mollie's role covers a broad range of topics, including recruitment, D&I, performance management, and employee relations. Mollie also co-chairs the LGBT+ workstream for Hg's internal D&I working group.

Mollie feels that supporting inclusion in the workplace is fundamentally the right thing to do. She also notes the particularly positive response that has been seen at Hg since the creation of the D&I working group, which has made a lot of progress in a short time.

Mollie comments: "There's been a lot of appetite throughout the business: from the front desk all the way through to the executive team, we've seen a lot of support for the initiatives that the D&I group have run and we are excited to make changes for the future within Hg and beyond.

It's not right that people are discriminated against for things they can't help, like their identity or background, we should all be stamping out discrimination when we see it to make way for celebrating diversity in all its form".