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Christian Staub

Head of Client Proposition & MD Europe at Fidelity International


Bio: Christian is Fidelity's Managing Director for Europe, where he oversees the distribution business, including wholesale & institutional distribution. Christian's career has enabled him to work at many asset management firms, always leading on the client-facing side of the business.

For Christian, supporting inclusion is vital for businesses. Research has consistently shown that diverse teams are more creative and effective, which leads to better results. Particularly in distribution, designing innovative solutions for clients is important, and that spark of innovation is best achieved by bringing in more diversity.

At Fidelity, inclusion is achieved by putting the emphasis on the individual, and not just the collective. Christian notes that there has been a lot of effort put in to communicating that people can be themselves at work. The firm is very sincere about its efforts to develop an inclusive culture, and puts diversity into the DNA of everything it does.

Christian comments: "Diversity comes in many forms, and one thing that people sometimes forget is just how multi-faceted diversity can be; it's not just about characteristics like sexuality and gender, but also diversity of thought and experience. We shouldn't judge one dimension of diversity as more important, but instead allow different viewpoints to come together and contribute to better outcomes for clients and businesses."