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Ember Overal

service Specialist at Fidelity International


Bio: I'm Ember, a 33 year old trans woman. I started questioning my gender identity when I was sixteen and really started exploring it when I was at Greenwich University studying for my degree in Philosophy. I came out as trans when I was 28 and have been on HRT for a year! I live with my partner of 7 years, who is currently exploring their non-binary identity and is bisexual, and our Pomeranian called Assam. I've been working at Fidelity as a client services associate for more than 2 years.

At Fidelity I lead the UK LGBT+ committee to help organise and raise awareness of LGBT+ issues, together with Fox Moody. I have also contributed to a working group that is looking at how we can improve the customer experience for non-binary and trans clients. Fox and I also run "The Bridge", a zine focusing on providing a bridge between minority employee groups and Fidelity employees at large.

Being a role model is important because, when I left my last job, I had just come out and was afraid this would make it difficult to get a new job. It can be hard for LGBT+ people including trans folk to find work and although it's illegal to discriminate, I didn't have a huge amount of faith that I could get a new role. For others who are worried that they may struggle after coming out, showing that people like me exist and are thriving is vital. Supporting those who are coming out or coming up through the financial services industry after coming out is very important to me.

I really enjoy role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and have both run and written my own campaigns, as well as participating as a player as often as I can find the time. I started roleplaying in 2003 when I got my first rule books.