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Paul Nigrelli

CFO/Head of Corporate Strategy at EquiLend


Paul Nigrelli joined EquiLend in 2002, one year after the foundation of the firm, and became its Chief Financial Officer in 2003. In that time, he has helped steer the firm's growth to eight international offices with more than 150 employees and 140 global financial services firm clients as a member of the EquiLend Management team.

As part of his role, Paul has been responsible for Human Resources at EquiLend for most of the firm's existence. In an industry known more for its homogeneity then its heterogeneity, early on Paul recognized that attracting—and retaining—the most talented employees meant creating an environment where all employees, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or any other trait, felt welcome. As a result of his nearly 20-year career championing this message at EquiLend, the firm today has an environment that truly embraces diversity and inclusion.

While still a small company, in 2012, Paul created EquiLend's Charity Committee, to allow employees from all levels and regions of the organization to participate in giving back to communities where EquiLend operated. In addition, Paul, along with the full EquiLend Management Team, encouraged the foundation of an independent, employee-led Diversity Committee at the firm in 2019. The committee has grown to more than 20 members from a broad spectrum of staff from all EquiLend office locations, and has spearheaded initiatives in support of the LGBT community, women and people of color in the workplace and ending the stigma around mental health.

EquiLend is a proud supporter of LGBT causes. To name a few: In addition to financial contributions to various LGBT organizations, the firm matches employee donations throughout the year and double matches donations made during Pride Month every June. Team EquiLend participated in the 2018 and 2019 Cycle for the Cause, a 275-mile bike ride from Boston to NYC in support of the fight to end HIV and AIDS, and raised over $10,000 in donations for the organization. EquiLend also has a month-long internal awareness campaign of LGBT causes each June.

Paul was instrumental in building an environment at EquiLend where members of the LGBT community, and employees from all backgrounds, feel that they belong. As such he is deserving of a place amongst the 2020 LGBT Great 100 Executive Allies.
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