BlackRock steps up its push for LGBT+ equality and inclusion

The firm joins LGBT Great’s diversity programme The world’s largest asset manager has joined LGBT Great to intensify its efforts to increase awareness and visibility across the firm.

BlackRock joins as a top tier member and will work with LGBT Great to spearhead and lead the agenda across the investment, wealth management and savings industry. The firm’s Out & Allies network launched in 2008 and has attracted the support of over 1250 employees across the globe.

LGBT Great will support BlackRock to continue to drive engagement and awareness on the agenda through training, mentoring, role modelling and industry-specific benchmarking. The diversity programme works by engaging colleagues across all departments at all levels to develop an embedded approach to progress.

The firm will work to complete LGBT Great’s benchmarking tool called the iiBT and will report on its diversity and inclusion progress. The iiBT measures across ten different inclusion indicators and is used to focus efforts on areas where further developments are required.

BlackRock will also work to mark a number of important lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender diversity dates throughout the year as a beacon of support for the community and its allies. This will include actions such as social media messaging and headlining a number of LGBT Great’s initiatives globally.


Matt Cameron, the Global Managing Director of LGBT Great comments that

“We are delighted to start our work with the world’s largest investment manager and this marks a milestone moment for LGBT Great. BlackRock’s influence will enable us to build on the foundations we have laid and accelerate further engagement across our industry for the benefit of employees, clients and investors. The passion from all levels of the BlackRock team has been exemplary and we look forward to working together to deliver impactful action”.


Mark McCombe, the Global Chief Client Officer at BlackRock, adds:

“As an LGBT+ ally and the global executive sponsor of the BlackRock Out & Allies Network, I am extremely proud that we are joining LGBT Great’s diversity programme. BlackRock has made diversity, equity and inclusion a priority because it defines who we are. For our culture and our business, we believe positive outcomes result from more voices coming from people of varied backgrounds and experiences. This milestone will ensure BlackRock’s employees are given the education, awareness and understanding to make the working environment comfortable for all. We cannot wait to continue our partnership with LGBT Great”.