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David Parton

Communications Executive at Investment Association


David joined the Investment Association (IA), the investment management trade body, as a Communications Executive in the summer of 2018. Part of his motivation to begin a career at the IA was the IA's work to mark Pride in London 2018: through its Bringing Our Whole Selves to Work' guide to the LGBTQ experience in asset management, and the incorporation of the rainbow flag into the IA's logo. As an openly gay person throughout all of his adult life, the IA's positive steps to demonstrate its inclusiveness to LGBTQ people, whether that's employees, members or interview candidates, left a really positive mark.

David hopes to help strengthen LGBTQ networks within the IA, and utilise the IA's nexus position within the asset management industry to support sector-wide initiatives to make LGBTQ people feel more comfortable, welcome and celebrated at work.

David graduated with a Law degree from the University of Oxford, before then working in communications and media relations for the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE). At the LGBCE, he changed the Commission's processes to remove references to gendered pronouns in external communications, unless a recipient's gender was explicitly known or provided.

Whilst at Oxford, he was an active LGBTQ advocate, serving as the LGBTQ Officer for his College, where he secured gender neutral toilets on campus, and volunteered as the Publicity Officer for the Oxford University LGBTQ Society.
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