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Daniel Gilmore

Global Head of Radius at Radius (Part of Bonhill Group PLC)


Daniel Gilmore is the global head of Radius, a third-party events business focusing on the financial services industry. Radius is part of Bonhill plc, an information and conference company listed on the London Stock Exchange which operates in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America. Daniel started at Last Word Media (LWM) in 2007, where he launched Portfolio Adviser, the publishing brand for the UK wealth management industry. He ran this until he created Radius in 2017 for LWM. LWM was bought by Bonhill in 2019 and Daniel has remained part of the LWM management committee.

Daniel comments: "Having worked in the financial industry from an early age, there wasn't much LGBT+ visibility or awareness when I first started. As my career progressed, I found LGBT+ support and acceptance more and more valuable, and recognised there was a need to break down stigma, and make the industry a more open and diverse environment. The 25-year-old me who was starting in the industry then would have really benefited from an initiative of this sort at the time, as I found it hard to marry up my personal and professional life at the time.

Since then, the industry has moved on dramatically, but preconceptions still exist. This initiative shines a light on the LGBT+ community and makes the industry more accessible to those who may already hold those preconceptions, and as a result, think they would not be able to find a place it.

We have been working with LGBT Great for over a year, and the openness that many asset management firms have to support LGBT Great in their initiatives and break the stigmas attached to the industry is encouraging and to be applauded, as is LGBT Great for their focus on intersectionality, and not just one area of diversity and inclusion."
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