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Marc Mulligan

Technical Associate at Pension Protection Fund


Marc started at the PPF in 2016 as a Quality Assurance, Training & Technical Advisor at the Pension Protection Fund and is responsible for training new starters who join the business in handling member queries, quality assurance of member queries and providing guidance on policies, processes and regulations. Marc now provides guidance on regulations, legislation and complex calculations for his pension administration teams. Alongside this, Marc also founded the firm's LGBT+ group called Kaleidoscope.

He started his career in financial services with Barclays in 2005, having previously been a broadcast journalist. Marc became a Learning & Development consultant in 2010. And joined the PPF 2016. He has recently celebrated 11 years in training, working to inspire others to be the best they can be.

Marc comments: "Being gay myself, I think back to my early experience of the workplace and I didn't want anyone to go through the things I've been through. As recent as 2015 I have heard blatant homophobic comments in the workplace which I want to stamp out. I feel genuinely fulfilled by helping others and see myself as a role model in the workplace by authentically bringing my whole self to work."

Marc is proud to work for a company that does a lot to support inclusion in the workplace. There is a D&I plan in place which has corporate goals for inclusion and Marc set up Kaleidoscope to support those goals with a LGBT+ lens looking at three strands, the colleague, the member/customer and the brand.

Marc adds: "I am privileged to have coached and supported people from all kinds of background, across all kinds of roles; from the frontline staff all the way up to directors of a business. I have been able to support major change projects at Barclays and the Pension Protection Fund in the role of lead trainer and have received excellent praise for my motivational, creative and inspiring approach to learning and development. I am proud to be a visible Project 1000 role model, and hope that in doing so I can inspire others and show that support is available to those who need it."
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