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Julien Mund

Chief Executive Officer at PLSA


Julian has worked in membership associations for over 20 years. He joined the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association as Executive Director in 2013 and became Chief Executive in 2017.

Prior to this he worked at the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) for almost 16 years. He undertook a variety of roles such as the Managing Director of their commercial company and their Director of Operations. He led on business growth and strategic development across CIPFA's commercial business as well as the delivery of their member services.

Julian worked on school policy at the Department for Education before joining CIPFA.

He comments: "More diverse workforces have more experience to call upon to make better decisions and outperform. The PLSA has been vocal about supporting greater diversity in the pension industry and encouraging people from all walks of life and backgrounds to stand tall and contribute their skills in a welcome environment. I am proud to support LGBT Great's Top 100 Executive Allies campaign to help pension industry professionals feel free to be themselves."
Project 1000, #50for50, Top 100 2020