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Jake Savige

Sales Strategy at Man Group


Originally from Australia, Jake was a professional dancer until the age of twenty-two before going to university and re-training for a career within financial services. He moved to London and joined Man Group in 2017 where he is a member of Sales Strategy. He works collaboratively with colleagues across the firm and supports a range of different stakeholders across the group.

Jake believes that role models play a vital part in creating a sense of belonging at work and, upon joining Man Group, he was pleased to see LGBT+ role models and allies around him, which made him feel instantly supported.

Jake comments: "At Man Group, I have always felt the freedom to be myself, which helps me to be my best"'.

During his time as a dancer, he found a supportive mentor who helped him along the way. This person provided him with an ear to listen and offered non-judgmental advice whenever he needed it. This helped him to develop the positive mental space required to be confident in himself. Therefore, having benefited himself directly from the allyship of others, he is determined to provide the same support to others wherever he can.

At Man Group, Jake is social secretary of the firm's PRIDE@Man network. Over the last few years, he has taken a key role in arranging and organising events, helping to build momentum and engagement. He also helps shape the ongoing strategy of the network alongside his colleagues. Looking ahead, he is excited to see the network as it grows across the firm and, in particular, he was proud when a non-LGBT+ colleague joined the group to understand how to better support an LGBT+ family member at home.

Jake is delighted to be selected as a role model as part of the industry-wide initiative, Project 1000, where he hopes to help and inspire others and play his part in helping others to feel confident and included at work.

He adds: "Positive role models are important because they give you the confidence you need to be yourself and also remind you that you have allies around you".
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