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Tom Porter

Partner, and strategy director at Lane Clark & Peacock


Tom is Strategy director at LCP, responsible for delivering their diversification into new areas. He leads their Business Analytics department, providing analytics and technology solutions to organisations across a range of industries including energy, pensions, investment, insurance and health. For the last 10 years he has supported the UK government in modelling their energy policies to reduce carbon emissions from the UK power market. He has also designed the analytics used by a number of top-flight football clubs to help them find the right players to sign.

As well as being one of the inaugural partner champions for LCP’s LGBT+ Network, Tom also sits on LCP’s people committee which aims to help the firm develop everyone at LCP by creating a culture which reflects their priorities, needs and values.

He comments: “I am proud to be a champion for LCP’s LGBT+ network. Learning from other’s experiences has made me think harder about how all of our actions can make a difference. By showing support through allyship I hope to make it easier for people to be themselves by knowing that they have support around them.

As an industry we know that diversity is a real challenge for us. To continue to exist this must change, and to do that we need to show everyone who sees an industry lacking diversity, that we are going to support them and take the steps necessary for change. This is why Project 1000 is so important, in demonstrating the commitment and the growing number of role models and allies we desperately need.”
Project 1000, Top 100 2020