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Anders Jacobsen

Founder at LGBT Capital


Anders Jacobsen is a founder of LGBT Capital, the first specialist Investment firm focused on the LGBT sector, and pioneer of a ground-breaking investment based methodology for screening and rating companies from an LGBT friendliness and effective inclusion point of view.

Anders has used his background in investment management to create robust and research driven underpinnings for the widely quoted business case for LGBT Diversity & Inclusion', now also used by LGBT Capital for LGBT screening and accreditation of companies and service providers. Anders believes that such LGBT screening and accreditation actively supports the drive for more genuine corporate LGBT friendliness', and ultimately, more genuine LGBT equality and inclusion globally.

Anders is also spearheading Property Equality, the LGBT home finder' portal, and efforts to bring quality financial planning information to the LGBT Community, and creating increased awareness of the LGBT Community as a client base. Anders strongly believes this will result in greater respect for the LGBT Community, with resulting greater equality and genuine inclusion for this Community globally.
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