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Neil Perry

HR Director at Legal & General


Bio: In his role as Human Resources Director at Legal & General Investment Management, Neil is focused on employees. He believes that Allies and Role Models are important for helping others to feel comfortable with being themselves at work.

Prior to his current position, Neil worked across Legal & General, managing Human Resource functions for Legal & General Retirement (LGR), Legal & General Capital (LGC) and Legal & General Group functions. During that time, Neil was closely involved in developing and growing the LGR division in UK, US and Bermuda. He was also involved in setting up and developing LGC as a Division and the setting up the company's move into the housing sector. Neil has a passion for all things digital, sponsoring the LGR Digital Workplace programme as well as graduating from the Oxford Fintech programme in 2017.

Neil hails from Brighton & Hove, so has seen first-hand how important it is for people to be open about who they are in and outside of work. In Neil's own words, "As an HR leader, it's important to me that people succeed. I think being confident to be yourself at work plays a huge part of this." Neil believes that everyone should feel comfortable being themselves in the workplace, irrespective of background or identity.