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Emma Adderley

Student and Graduate Coordinator at Legal & General


As the Student and Graduate Coordinator for Legal & General's Actuarial and Finance programmes, Emma is responsible for ensuring that all graduates in this space are gaining the vital knowledge and experiences in order to be our future leaders. Their experience is at the heart of every decision Emma makes and is a voice for them to the senior leaders when thriving for change.

Prior to L&G, Emma worked for QA Apprenticeships as an Engagement Manager. Emma's team would go out into the community and build relationships with schools, colleges, councils and charities with focusing on underprivileged areas, educating them on opportunities from entry level to higher apprenticeships. Emma also worked in contract recruitment for one of the UK's leading banks at Hydrogen Group.

Emma says "I am so proud to work in an environment where LGBT+ equality and inclusion feels like second nature. It's important to work in an environment where you can be yourself, your true self. Legal and General see the importance of being YOU' and they're constantly looking for new ways to improve diversity and inclusion without positive discrimination."

Emma has been involved in events such as Pride for the past four years. Emma talks about some of her friends who have struggled being themselves and how pride festival has given them strength to embrace themselves. She comments: "I will always attend pride after seeing the effects on a few of my friends, they were empowered to be themselves by seeing others being proud of who they are". Additionally Emma was the United Kingdom's representative for Model United Nations event in Morocco in 2015, where they created the 2030 post development agenda for gender equality.

Emma adds "By embracing diversity you are creating a non-discriminatory culture and therefore you'll get the best from people. People work harder when they are respected and happy. Performance, culture and talent would all improve."
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