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Ken Willis

Partner at Lane Clark & Peacock


Ken is an investment consultant and Partner at LCP, who has been helping his clients for nearly three decades to understand risk, improve investment returns and implement change. His approach is getting a 90% good strategy in place ensures clients get invested in the best investments quickly, rather than discussing what perfection may look like. Ken's passions are challenging the status quo to help improve outcomes and using technology to improve information flow / efficiency / decision making. He is also enthusiastic about change both at a personal level, and recently qualified as a business coach/mentor.

Ken is a proud partner champion for LCP's LGBT+ network, an LGBT+ ally and supporter, who spoke passionately at LCP's inaugural LGBT+ networking about why everyone should be able to bring their whole self to work and why he is an advocate for inclusion - everyone has the ability to contribute to ideas and to help solve issues.

Ken says: "Change is required. The investment industry in particular has a diversity issue, so by being an LGBT+ ally, if I can make it easier for anyone to be themselves and be heard that has to be a good thing. It's only right that everyone can safely spend their time and energy focusing on what they want to do, rather than using a percentage of their effort worrying about how others might react. Being a visible and vocal ally, and calling out inappropriate behaviour when I see it, is an important role of an ally, and it's why I am keen to add my voice to Project 1000."
Project 1000, Top 100 2020
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