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Simon Coomber

Partner at Lane Clark & Peacock


Simon is a partner at LCP, who helps trustees and companies manage their retirement arrangements both in the UK and internationally. He manages LCPs international network of partner firms to ensure LCPs clients have access to high quality advice around the world. As an advisor to trustees, he helps ensure pension plans are well run, by ensuring trustees can understand the complex issues they are faced with in managing such arrangements. As an advisor to companies, he provides strategic thinking to help companies ensure their pension plans are run in a consistent way to the company.

Simon is a partner champion for LCP's LGBT+ Network and takes an active role in promoting all of LCPs Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. He has seen how being an ally has a significant positive impact on the people at LCP as well as for LCP as a company. He also recognises that he still has a lot to learn about how to be a better role model and ally and how to promote D&I appropriately.

In Simon's mind, we are all unique human beings who need to respect each other as equals in order to be respected. He is frustrated that despite the significant efforts of a large proportion of society, change is still very slow and a lot more effort is required to reach real equality.

Simon notes "I'm proud to be an ally of our LGBT+ community and to be able to add my voice to help ensure that individuals can be themselves as they try and reach their full potential."
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