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Keira Beard

Associate Consultant at Lane Clark & Peacock


Keira is an associate consultant at LCP in their pensions actuarial department. She joined the firm in 2014 as part of the graduate programme after studying Mathematics & Statistics at university. Keira's role primarily involves advising clients (companies and trustees) to design practical and affordable methods to secure the benefits promised to their pension scheme members. She is also an elected member of the LCP Foundation which provides direct grants to charities, facilitates volunteering opportunities, and matching donations made to causes LCP staff and partners care about.

For Keira, supporting inclusion just makes sense. The world is constantly changing, and in order for businesses to keep pace with its competitors, we need to move with the times. By being an inclusive employer, you can attract and retain employees that will allow your business to grow into a successful (and inclusive) future.

LCP has been extremely supportive of the firm's LGBT+ network, and Keira particularly notes how the company has empowered this employee network by giving them the space, time, and resources they need to make cultural changes. The LGBT+ network has had a lot of success; part of that is down to the support from the wider business, but largely as a result of our people being given permission' to be who they truly are.

Keira comments: "There is no reason not to support inclusion. There is such richness in the world, and if businesses can tap into that, they can achieve greater success. The world is full of varied people from all different backgrounds and experiences, so why wouldn't you want to utilise that knowledge? It feels comfortable to stay in circles that are similar to ourselves, but comfortable' isn't where innovation happens. Comfortable doesn't promote change. Comfortable just isn't going to succeed in the modern world."
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