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Vincent Ankrah

HR Assistant at Jupiter Asset Management Limited


Vincent Ankrah works as an HR Assistant at Jupiter Asset Management. This is his first role within the Investment industry, having previously worked for a Fintech company. Vincent completed his undergraduate in Business and Law at Kingston University. Vincent states that "a career in HR appealed to him because it's about creating a great working environment and culture by attracting, developing and retaining a wide and varying range of talent". To progress his HR career path, Vincent is currently studying his Masters in Human Resource Management.

Vincent is passionate about LGBT inclusion. He finds the growing diversity of the asset management community fascinating because of the differing stories and experiences people bring. Vincent outlines the importance of role models by stating "when I was growing up there was a lack of visible LGBT role models, in particular those who are of colour, and I saw this as a limitation on how far I would be able to progress professionally". It wasn't until Vincent was at university that he started to believe that being part of this community wouldn't stop him from achieving his ambitions both professionally and personally. Vincent adds "I feel that being a visible role model can help give others the confidence to know that they can achieve whatever they want to". Vincent recognises that there have been great strides for inclusion and equality in the LGBT+ community in mainstream society but there is still a way to go.

Since starting at Jupiter, Vincent has been involved in setting up Jupiter Asset Management's Pride Network, which he is currently the Chair. The network is committed to fostering an open and inclusive environment for its LGBT employees and supporters. Vincent states that he is excited about embarking on the journey with the rest of the network members.

In addition to his other roles Vincent has been involved in raising the profile on the increasingly important topic of Emotional Wellbeing, co-ordinating Jupiter's campaign for World Mental Health day. He is also involved in mentoring final year students at Kingston.
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