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Richard Wilson

Chief Executive Officer at Interactive Investor


Richard has been at the helm since March 2017. His passion for service and people has been central to his career and is at the heart of everything interactive investor stands for.

Starting out as an operations clerk at Societe Generale, Richard has for three decades been driving and delivering change across the finance industry, including leading roles in UK and European brokers and banks. He joined the ii board as a non-executive director in 2015, before taking over as CEO.

Away from the office, Richard splits his time between family, various journeyman sporting endeavours and supporting slum rehabilitation initiatives in India.

Richard coments: "At interactive investor, we accept each person as an individual. Our success is built on our ability to embrace diversity and respect others' beliefs and preferences. As an ally to the LGBT+ community, we continually seek to remove barriers, eliminate discrimination and ensure equal opportunity and access for all groups of people."
Project 1000, Top 100 2020