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Debbie Cannon

Group Internal Marketing Manager at Freedom Services Group


Debbie is Group Internal Marketing Manager for Freedom Services Group. She is also a presenter on Gaydio, the LGBT+ focussed radio station.

Debbie has worked in the insurance industry for 17 years, where her technical knowledge and confidence in managing claims has grown. A particular high point for her was winning Insurance Leader of the Year at the Women in Finance Awards 2017. Debbie is also open at work about her identity as a transgender woman, and transitioned while she was in the industry.

Freedom Services Group have built an inclusive culture, where people can be themselves at work. Without the fear of being judged, people are supported to be themselves, so that they can focus on the job. Debbie is also proud to work for a company where the CEO and 67% of the board is female, bucking the trend in the industry.

Debbie says: "Without a diverse workforce, you're not going to have an innovative business. Proper representation is vital to attract diverse talent, bringing diversity of thought and more innovation. Your workforce needs to be as diverse as the customers you want to attract. By being inclusive, and supporting people from all identities, you can create better working cultures for everyone."
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