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Stuart Warner

Head of Technology at Fidelity International


Stuart is the Head of Technology at Fidelity International (FIL) which covers all global aspects of Technology, Digital, Cybersecurity and Innovation. This includes the development and support of business technologies that underpin the business revenue, operational, compliance, finance, legal, marketing and customer service areas. He also leads on global digital initiatives to improve customer experiences across all FIL's offerings.

At FIL, Stuart joined the Global Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council because he is passionate about strengthening FIL's inclusive culture. The Council is responsible for the D&I strategy and agenda and holds the organisation account to progress against the company's D&I goals and targets. One of the firmwide priorities for FIL's D&I strategy is to continue to build a culture of inclusivity where everyone's voice is heard, where they work in new ways, where policy reflects their values, where they seek global views and include everyone. Inclusive organisations are more successful because they are more innovative, more collaborative and have stronger customer relationships.

Stuart is a driver of cognitive diversity and building an inclusive culture. With a global department spanning 27 locations, it is his priority to build teams which are bring together people from a range of backgrounds and experiences who collaborate to foster innovation and creativity.

Stuart comments "by walking in the shoes of our customers we are better equipped to meet their needs and build better financial futures."
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