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Brad Fresia

Fidelity International


Brad is Head of Group Legal, Compliance and Company Secretariat at Fidelity based in Singapore. Brad has worked at Fidelity for 15 years and prior to that was in law firm practice in Seattle.

Brad is passionate about being an active role model across Fidelity for diversity and inclusion and ensuring that everyone can see Fidelity is a great place to bring your whole self to work. He’s seen Fidelity become a champion for diversity in the last few years and is proud to work for the firm.

Though inclusion has come a long way, there are still challenges - particularly in Asia - and the work is not done.

He says: “In my career I’ve seen huge progress but there’s still a way to go. As a global firm we have an opportunity and I think an obligation to create a safe space for all our people; particularly where they may not have this in other areas of their lives. When we get this right we enable all our people to be their best which in turn lets Fidelity be our best. But more than that, it’s just the right thing to do.”
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