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Rose Cantwell

Project Manager at Fidelity International


Rose is a Project Manager at Fidelity Canada, based in Toronto. Prior to joining Fidelity Canada 3 years ago, Rose has had a very varied career in the financial industry, having worked her way through a range of back office support responsibilities. Rose has also co-Chaired the Canadian chapter of the Fidelity Pride network for the past 2 years.

For Rose, inclusion needs to stay core to a company's values because we still have work to do. As people, our differences are what make us great, so why wouldn't you want to embrace them in business?

Rose also notes that the fact that Fidelity is openly getting involved in this conversation is key. Supporting events and campaigns throughout the year is a great way to show that you care about who people are, and Fidelity is completely behind LGBTQ+ inclusion initiatives.

Rose comments: "When I first came out, I had a lot of strong role models around me, who were all about including and educating others. This has really influenced me on my journey, and made me want to help and include everyone as much as possible.

We can't always force people to change, but can work to educate them and help them see other viewpoints. That starts with open conversation, and if you don't put it out there, it might never be discussed."
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