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Florence Arsimoles

Head of Global Procurement at Fidelity International


Florence Arsimoles is heading up the Global Procurement Transformation team at Fidelity International based in Luxembourg. She has worked at Fidelity for 13 years, leading diverse teams, from across Europe, Asia, India, and the United Kingdom. Florence has been an LGBT+ Ally since the launch of the programme in 2017. She is an active mentor on cross company mentoring programmes, which resulted in her mentee nominating her to feature as a EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model.

Florence is responsible for the firm's sustainable procurement agenda, leading Fidelity's drive to create a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive supply chain in support of the ESG goals. She sits as a member of the firm's Corporate Sustainability committee and chairs the CFO Group CSR delivery group.

Having seen a colleague in a former organisation not feeling comfortable coming out and suffering immensely from the situation, Florence is a passionate and active advocate and figurehead for inclusion. She works closely with the Diversity & Inclusion group at Fidelity to ensure that the supply chain upholds the same standards and values. She has seen the change in Fidelity culture and the benefits of allowing people to bring their whole selves to at work. She wants to start the conversation with suppliers who have not been in this journey yet and also collaborate with like-minded organisations to grow together.

Florence comments: "I'm a LGBT+ Ally because I believe in the proverb saying "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together". Collaboration requires a lot of respect, empathy and the willingness to go beyond all assumptions we consciously and unconsciously make. For innovation, creativity, diversity of perspectives and thought to happen, we have to ensure everybody feels comfortable to be themselves including showing differences compared to so-called standards which are mainly constraints and barriers human beings have created over time probably because of fear of the unknown. Let's leverage opportunities rather than putting people in boxes!"
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