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David Hawkins is the founder and MD of Cliveden Advisory which is the leader in advising the luxury sector, cultural institutions, private banks, multi-family offices and governments in the development of UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) development. Their experience allows them to create marketing, media and business development opportunities focused on UHNW engagement; creating thought leadership events and using the best of the culture, luxury, finance and political worlds.

Cliveden works directly with UHNWs to create family office structures which includes media relations and reputation management, art advisory, new business development and joint ventures, and operate a nation branding team which advises governments on using culture, tourism and investment programmes to drive trade and economic growth.

From 2009 - 2016, David ran a single family then multi-family office looking at alternative investments - particularly passion investments.

David is Chair of the Development Committee of the Global Thinkers Forum (patron HM Queen Rania of Jordan) which promotes values-based leadership and engages in women's mentoring and the mentoring of young people. He therefore understands the value of mentoring and that the mentor gains as much as the mentee.

David was formerly a board member of the think tank Respublica and the New Culture Forum and is currently a board member of Republicans Overseas, the Benjamin Franklin House and is active in Chelsea Riverside Conservatives.

When asked why LGBT, David said: "There is a need for the LGBT community to accept the responsibilities and obligations that come with rights, whilst at the same time the non-LGBT space should accept the required rights of minorities. Too often this is a polarised debate when it need not be.

There are a number of LGBT CEOs and Chairman who are not their true authentic selves and this can often lead to disaster - professionally and career-wise".
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