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Katie Rigby-Brown

Enterprise Account Director, Banking at Citrix


Katie identifies as Queer, has worked within the financial services industry for over 16 years, and works in the UKI Financial Services & Insurance team at Citrix. Citrix is a company which helps organisations deliver a consistent and secure work experience no matter where work needs to get done—in the office, at home, or in the field.

Katie's path to Citrix didn't come via the traditional route of a hardware or networking vendor. She spent the majority of her career working in content and localization, where she helped financial organisations manage vast sums of content creation, organisation, distribution - often into over 100 languages - for everything from Highly Restricted and Material Non-Public Content including Communications Surveillance, through to publicly available marketing materials and annual reports.

Katie studied German at the University of Leeds and a grounding in a second language has had a profound impact on her desire and ability to travel with work. She has lived and worked in New York, the Emirates, and Germany. Katie is passionate about new music and going to gigs. When she is not dancing, she is happiest outdoors with friends exploring - either cycling, hiking or out with her dog.

The visibility of LGBT+ role models and allies is important to Katie as she experienced not being out' at work earlier in her career and has also been outed. This impacted her confidence. Today, Katie is working hard to create welcoming spaces for LGBT+ people and she is out at work with her clients which has enabled her to settle in her role. She is also the Co-Chair of Citrix's UK ERG Group.

Citrix is one of the most inclusive companies Katie has worked for. With a globally active Pride Employee Resource Group and policy that reflects a diverse workforce, employees are encouraged to bring themselves to work. As part of it's ERG celebration of LGBT+ history, Citrix hold regular workshops and events open to all employees who want to learn more and ask questions in a safe space.

Katie comments that:

"To our heterosexual, cis- binary peers, it is often easy in 2021 to believe that the LGBT+ community has the equality that we have fought so hard for for decades. That Pride is a party not a protest. While attitudes have broadly softened towards same sex relationships, hate crimes in the UK are at their highest in 5 years. I am proud and excited to be part of the wave of change that looks not at LGBT+ hires as a diversity tick box, but instead embraces us for the soft skills we bring - resilience, communication, negotiation - things we have often had to develop to fit in, or thrive in environments that didn't welcome us".
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