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Rob Thomson

Head of Talent Acquistion at Brooks Macdonald


Rob is the Head of Talent Acquisition at Brooks Macdonald, and plays a key role in impacting recruitment strategy within the firm. Brooks Macdonald is committed to inclusion, and a key mandate Rob focuses on is to promote the company's diversity agenda through hiring diverse candidates. Although this can be a struggle in some areas of the industry, Rob and the company works creatively to change this, through partnerships with companies such as Investment 20/20 and 100 Black Interns to increase diversity hiring, as well as focusing on graduate recruitment.

Rob feels he has been lucky to have been surrounded by various cultures whilst growing up, which has impacted him in many ways, one of which is fuelling his love for travel and experiencing new cultures. Being positively impacted by his exposure to different cultures in his personal life, Rob understands the value and positive impact a diverse culture can have in a workplace, and it is important to him that he does as much as he can to facilitate this.

He comments: "Brooks Macdonald is committed to promoting absolute inclusion within the firm, and our partnership with LGBT Great is part of commitment. Throughout my recruitment career I have always championed diversity and seen the critical impact it has on not only culture but also the overall success of a business. At Brooks Macdonald being an inclusive employer is at the forefront of our hiring strategy and I am very proud to play a pivotal role in our commitment to that."
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