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Chloe Canham

Internal comms manager at Brooks Macdonald


Chloe joined Brooks Macdonald in 2018. Her work as a Communications Manager involves Public Relations, employee engagement and client communications. Prior to joining Brooks Macdonald, Chloe worked in communications in the Hospitality sector where she was first involved in promoting a diversity and inclusion agenda to a large workforce. At Brooks Macdonald, Chloe is part of the Diversity and Inclusion committee and works regularly on initiatives to help everyone feel comfortable being themselves at work. Chloe is supportive of diversity initiatives and comments:

"Previously I have worked in industries where diversity and inclusion was normalised and never a taboo topic. Now, working in the finance industry, I see that there are many challenges still out there. I want to help influence the culture from within, break the stigma and actively contribute towards the industry moving forward to having a more diverse workforce. By encouraging inclusion in the workplace, we can stimulate creativity, spur insight, and learn from each other.

LGBT+ Great is a fantastic step is helping us all move in the right direction and I hope that being visible alongside the other Project 1000 role models will help, inspire and motivate a stronger diversity and inclusion agenda across the board."
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