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Julien Kasparian

CEO - BNP Paribas Securities Services at BNP Paribas


Julien has worked at BNP Paribas Securities Services for over 20 years and during this time he has built a comprehensive track record in financial services, holding various management positions within clearing services, operations, product and market infrastructure, as well as sales and relationship management. He has served as CEO of Hong Kong since September 2017, bringing his entrepreneurial and solutions-driven approach to BNP Paribas Securities' oldest location in the Asia Pacific region.

Julien is a strong ally for LGBT+ inclusion in his capacity as CEO of Hong Kong as well as in previous roles in Europe. As Executive Sponsor for the BNP Paribas PRIDE network in Hong Kong, Julien provides strategic leadership and support for the local steering committee. By advocating for LGBT+ issues in the territory, he provides a voice for the network, ensuring that LGBT+ issues faced by Hong Kong employees are heard and represented at the senior management level.

His track record as a male ally for gender diversity in Europe and Asia, as well as participation in the early stages of the BNP Paribas PRIDE network in the United Kingdom, have brought to the Hong Kong network genuine allyship and a drive for diversity.

During a flagship event for the PRIDE network in Hong Kong, Julien served as a panellist for BNP Paribas' public forum on "being out in the workplace". Together with internal and external guest speakers, he shared ideas and emphasised the importance of visible "out" employees. This, together with the belief that LGBT+ diversity is good for business and the right thing to do, positions Julien as a strong ally voice within the region.

Julien comments: "Pride is close to my heart. When I see people being judged for their sexual preferences, it deeply upsets me. I'm very glad to see the erosion of these prejudices in society and in the work place, and I am proud of my small role in pushing progress in the right direction. Diversity and Inclusion are so important in a world still draped in shadow and I believe that the pride network is a great beacon of light and hope."
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