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Marine Palies (She/Her/Hers)

Inclusion & Diversity Leader at AllianzGI


Bio: Marine joined AllianzGI in 2013 as the Head of Human Resources in Paris, after more than 10 years in various international HR positions at General Electric and Alstom. In this role, Marine was instrumental in leading regional employee work/life balance and gender equality initiatives to foster a working environment that reflects the global nature of our company and our clients. That's how in 2018 she quite naturally transitioned into her current position of Inclusion and Diversity Leader, supporting the AllianzGI Executive Committee in developing the firm's I&D strategy and embedding I&D in its work processes and practices.

Marine grew up in Reunion Island, a French island of the Indian Ocean, where diversity of origins, religions and lifestyles have been part of her daily life for more than 15 years. For Marine, diversity without inclusion and inclusion without diversity are not enough. Both are required, supported by a culture of altruism, trust and respect, to maximize the collective intelligence of an organization and to unlock the potential of all talents.

Marine is currently working on various activities aiming at enhancing psychological safety and ensuring that everyone has the confidence to be their true self at work. She comments: "When straight people like me talk about our partners, we're privileged to be able to do it without fear. Why should it be different for LGBT+ people? Saying that we support LGBT+ rights and inclusion is not enough; allies need to stand up and actively work for equality. I'm proud to be an LGBT+ ally and to try and be part of the change! That's why I'm also really keen to start working with LGBT Great on further fostering LGBT+ diversity and inclusion, as well as on getting their support and research insights on how to make our products more inclusive of LGBT+ needs and expectations."
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