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Kenneth Gilmour

Retired - Company Secretary at Retired


Prior to his retirement, Kenneth worked at abrdn for 23 years. A FTSE100 financial services group headquartered in Edinburgh, abrdn has over 5,000 employees operating globally. Having worked in the internal audit and risk management teams, Kenneth was the Company Secretary, responsible for supporting the Board and implementing the Group's corporate governance framework. Kenneth was also the executive sponsor of Lighthouse, abrdn's LGBT+network. Partnering closely with the Diversity and Inclusion team, the network has been hugely successful in raising awareness of and supporting LGBT+ issues throughout the Group.

As a visible gay man in the Group's senior management, and working directly with the Chairman and all the Board members, Kenneth plays an important role to encourage and support LGBT+ colleagues to be themselves and to be able to bring the best of themselves to work on a daily basis.

He says: "Having seen enormous and important changes for LGBT+ people in the UK in the course of my 35 year career, it's very important to me that I can evidence how being able to be myself has played a huge part in moving forward and developing my career and supporting my colleagues. Having gone from being a newly-employed trainee accountant in 1985, too scared to share who I was with my managers and colleagues, and too worried about how I might be judged or held back if they knew I was a gay man, over the years I have grown in confidence and experience to understand that being authentic makes me a much stronger member of the team".
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