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Richard Balaes

Group Managing Director at AAG


Originally from New York, Richard Balaes, Group Managing Director of AAG, has spent the majority of his career working for major global banks including Citigroup and Morgan Stanley both in London and New York.

With vast experience in Private Banking, Investment Banking and Executive Share Plans, Richard is responsible for the Group's strategic growth plans.

As an approachable and motivational leader, Richard has more than 25 years' experience in developing policies and implementing strategic recommendations for business growth in international arenas.

He says: "I am straight ally, as I truly believe that the decision to come out of the closet' is made easier if LGBT people believe that their supervisors and colleagues will respect and accept them. I believe that making AAG Wealth Management a more LGBT friendly workplace is in everyone's best interest. Having LGBT family members, friends, colleagues and clients, I personally understand the issues that LGBT people face in their personal and professional lives. To this end, I am strong advocate of LGBT rights"

Richard currently lives in Windsor with his wife and three young children.
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