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Luke Hothersall

Partner at Lane Clark & Peacock


Bio: Luke is an actuary and partner at LCP. He works mostly with employers, helping them make the most of their pension and reward strategies. He has a particular focus on working with not-for-profits and charities.

He is proud to be a visible LGBT+ role model within the firm and the support of allies makes this not just possible, but easy. LCP has a Partner Champion network where leaders across the firm commit to visibly supporting one of our four Diversity and Inclusion networks. There are 8 Partner Champions who support the LGBT+ Network. In these roles they are vital in boosting acceptance, taking part in events organised by the network, or just calling out homophobia where they see it in the media or society.

For him, being a visible ally means that no one has to worry about “playing it safe”. It may seem like a small thing, but it isn’t.
Luke comments: “Visible LGBT+ role models and allies are such a key part of feeling able to be yourself where you work. By combining our voices, Project 1000 has the potential to amplify that message and create meaningful change across the industry. Allies make a difference. Visible and vocal support from allies means that, for LGBT+ individuals, being yourself doesn’t mean “sticking your head above the parapet.”