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Amber Jacobs-Southgate

Fund Accounting Oversight Manager at Columbia Threadneedle


Amber Jacobs-Southgate is the Fund Accounting Oversight Manager at Columbia Threadneedle based in the UK. She has been working in Financial Services since 2006 and has been with Columbia Threadneedle since 2013 within Fund Accounting Oversight.

Amber grew up in Essex and went to university in Plymouth for a year studying International Business with French & Italian. However instead of gaining a degree, she became a Certified Chartered Accountant in 2002 while navigating single parenthood and working full time. Negative stereotypes about being a teenage mum were thrown at her, but she was determined to prove these stereotypes wrong with the moral support from people around her. She staunchly believes hard work and determination have gotten her to this stage of success.

When not working, Amber can be found indulging in holistic therapies such as Sound Therapy, Crystal therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Meditation and other such practices. She also enjoys singing, walking, theatre and cinema.

Amber’s journey of championing LGBT+ inclusion and equality began with her sister’s journey as a gay woman who came out in 1996. Her sister always experienced negativity at work and even Amber was treated poorly when she visited her sister at the workplace. Amber’s child identifies as non-binary and bisexual, and Amber herself is pansexual.

Amber comments:
“I’ve witnessed exclusion and the negativity and sadness it causes, equally I’ve seen inclusion and the benefits of an inclusive workforce. I’m proud to work for a company which is taking steps in the best direction – forwards when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion. I am proud to work for a company which realizes and understands that talent and worth is accessed from people who are themselves completely.”
“I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because an inclusive workforce is a happier and kinder place to be. We spend so much time working, it’s great to know that Columbia Threadneedle champions LGBTQ+ projects as well as other diversity and inclusion initiatives”
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