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Andreea Lupan

hrd regional cbre at CBRE GWS


Andreea has over 20 years in Human Resources, in local and international companies, from Consultancy to pharma to facilities management now. Currently covering 12 countries, supporting internal clients on all matters on Human Resources, operationally and strategically. Andreea's role is to support the business and the people to strive for their goals, so as together to become our best versions.
Andreea is an active LGBTQ+ ally, and from their position is able to promote the diversity and inclusion principles in their company, formally and informally, through presentations, 121 discussions and debates, and being Proud every day for the fact they are contemporary with courageous people striving for the freedom of being themselves.
Andreea comments: "Everyone has the right and should have the opportunity of being themselves, as long as no harm is brought on others. We need to fight the good fight every day, to fight for freedom, acceptance, inclusion and equity. I will never fully understand the hardships LGBTQ+ members face every day, because I am not the one living them, but nevertheless I want to stand with them, to fight with them, to hold their hand should they need it. Because we all have the right to just be ourselves."
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