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Jan Schepanek

Head of Personal Investing and Advisory (Germany) at Fidelity International


Jan is the Head of Personal Investing and Advisory for Germany at Fidelity International. Jan first joined Fidelity in 2015 and has over 17 years of asset and wealth management industry experience across distribution and strategy. Since joining Fidelity, he has been working in different business management roles: first for the operations in Germany (2015-2018) and, more recently, in the Office of the CEO, supporting Anne Richards (2018-2021).

In June 2021, Jan was appointed Head of Personal Investing & Advisory Germany and is responsible for Fidelity's direct-to-consumer distribution business, including the digital advice offering Fidelity Wealth Expert and the Adviser Business FFB in Germany. Jan is a member of Fidelity's Global Diversity & Inclusion Council and Co-Executive Sponsor of the LGBT+ Employee Network; in this context, he is driving our efforts to integrate inclusion into the customer experience.

Before joining Fidelity, Jan worked in asset and wealth management roles with Deutsche Bank Group and Morgan Stanley. He holds a master's degree from EBS Oestrich-Winkel and an MBA from Yale.

Jan comments:
“I am inspired by bright people that challenge me to achieve more. I thrive in ambitious, meritocratic and respectful environments where everyone is excited about partnering with people to deliver purposeful work. Recognizing that there are always multiple truths, I don’t judge but believe in results. To create awesome outcomes, I embrace diversity and believe in meaningful and authentic relationships which enable everyone to be their best-self at work. Experiencing other cultures is my passion and I believe that difference is an opportunity and not a threat.

I leverage my intellectual curiosity, creativity and analytical skills to develop new strategies and big ideas with a goal-oriented focus on execution. As an optimist I am always on the lookout for the best possible solution and I am not afraid to make decisions. While I prefer to reinvent than just to copy what has worked in the past, I maintain a pragmatic and flexible mind-set. I consider mistakes as the greatest opportunity for development: I feel comfortable admitting I was wrong and will take full accountability for my actions.

People will describe me as reliable, responsible, loyal and pleasant. But people will also say that, if necessary I can be the teller of unpopular truths. While I never considered it particular strengths, people will tell you that I have a talent in visualizing complex issues, a good portion of humour and the necessary sensitivity to handle any type of situation. My particular strength is my objectivity which helps me to separate people from results: I don’t care who gets credit as long as we win and have fun.”
Project 1000, Top 100 2022
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