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Claire Skinner

Head of UK Fiduciary Content and Delivery at Mercer


Claire is Head of UK Fiduciary Content and Delivery at Mercer. Claire was appointed Global Co-Chair of the Mercer LGBT+ Business Resource Group (Mercer Pride) at the end of 2017, reflecting her visibility in the UK in promoting LGBT+ equality. She also leads a network of 50 Diversity and Inclusion Champions across the UK and sits on the Mercer UK D&I Advisory Group.

As well as being a visible and active LGBT role model internally and on social media she organises internal and external events in the UK (with a focus of expanding outside of London) and, more recently, on a global level too.

Claire is Midland Ambassador for lbwomen and a regular contribution to thealliancenetwork, a Midland based network of LGBT organisations. She is a diversity role model, talking about her experience of being LGBT+ and a parent within schools and is on the Midlands steering group for creating inclusive cultures.

In the last 12 months just some of the initiatives that Claire has been instrumental in organising include:

<li>Designing, ordering and creating a buzz globally around our Mercer Pride badges which colleagues can wear as a visible commitment to LGBT+ inclusion and the fight against homophobia</li>
<li>A panel discussion about LGBT+ families, including the #wearefamily video which showcases all the many definitions of family within Mercer. The video went viral across Mercer and on social media and ultimately featured at the Out & Equal workplace summit in Philadelphia</li>
<li>Creating a network of posters globally promoting Inspirational LGBT+ Women across Mercer internally and on twitter in conjunction with LGBT+ History Month and International Women's Day</li>
<li>Trans inclusion guides across our global offices, gender neutral toilets across locations and reviewing internal policies and procedures to ensure LGBT+ inclusivity</li>
<li>Natwest LGBT Awards Top 10 Diversity & Inclusion Champion</li>
<li>Conference in Birmingham on what makes and inclusive workplace, with c 60 attendees from 22 different organisations. </li>
<li>"Why Pride is important to me" posters including senior leaders across all UK offices and on social media</li>

All of these initiatives are designed to both empower the fantastic grass roots support and energy from the Mercer Pride Employee group whilst also linking in with Mercer's strategic goals and policies not just in the UK but across Mercer globally.
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