LGBT people bring something GREAT to the table

LGBT GREAT is a platform for change

LGBT Great is an initiative to profile and attract 1000 more LGBT people into the investments industry within the five next years across all levels. We aim to establish an understanding of what LGBT people can bring to the table through bespoke research developed from across the globe. We also aim to draw on best practice from other industries to fully inform the sector of the innovation and benefits LGBT people can bring to business.






Our Vision

An investments industry which understands, supports and promotes LGBT people. The majority of diversity efforts so far have focussed on gender. Whilst we recognise its importance, in LGBT Great we have focussed our attention on the positives that LGBT people can bring to the industry.


Developing informative research to provide the industry with the insights needed to influence innovation and change; establishing a best practice strategy group to design the initiative’s roadmap; identifying and profiling of role models as industry inspirators; delivering events to showcase the initiative and increase awareness; providing LGBT people with access to opportunities within the industry.

Mutual Collaboration

We establish partnerships with anyone who wants to help. LGBT Great works with investments firms, organisations outside the industry and LGBT and ally networks. More minds are better than one and through diverse thinking and perspectives we aim to effect change and innovation. We will support LGBT people from entry to board level to showcase talent communities and opportunities within the industry.

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LGBT Inclusion Survey

Research suggests that there are still many LGBT people in the investments industry who are not ‘out’ at work. This is proven to inhibit performance and productivity and we believe that the investments industry is missing a trick when it comes to LGBT. We believe that being LGBT is GREAT. 

LGBT Great is undertaking this innovative piece of research in collaboration with LGBT Capital. LGBT Capital is a specialist corporate advisory and investment management firm, providing corporate advisory and business development services, as well as LGB screening for Equity Investment purposes. 

Our aim in conducting this piece of research is to explore the current challenges and future opportunities for LGBT people from coming ‘out’ within the investments industry. This short survey is completely anonymous to all who participate and the results will be published at the end of 2017.

On behalf of LGBT Great and LGBT Capital, thanks a million for your participation in this very important survey.

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