Simon Haslam

Simon has a 24 year career at Fidelity International - originally appointed as CFO, but with a wide variety of executive roles since then.  He is a main board director and chairman of the Remuneration Committee - and is also the Executive sponsor of LGBTI within our overall Diversity and Inclusion programmes.

I am proud to be an ally - it took me longer than it should have done to appreciate that the LGBT community need more than just tolerance and acceptance; and to realise that there are still too many ways in which there are subtle (and not so subtle) pressures which can make it difficult for someone to be true to their own self within the work environment.  But better late than not at all - and I am now committed to being a public supporter both within Fidelity and more broadly to ensure that we truly cherish and support diversity.  I know that I still have a lot to learn about how best I can help - but I have pledged to do my best to learn, and to put that learning into practice both within Fidelity and away from work.  I also try hard to be a role model across Fidelity as an LGBT ally - because without staff and colleagues seeing senior people ‘walk the walk’, it is all just words - and words are cheap. Across Fidelity, and indeed in the world at large, there are many who want to do the right thing or who want to be their true selves at work but who are nervous about what that might mean.  We need to make it clear by our actions that they will be supported and encouraged.