Michael Mebane

Michael Mebane has been in the finance industry for almost 6 years, all at MSCI, after earning a Ph.D. in Economics.  As a client consultant to asset managers and other institutions, he helps them extract the most value from MSCI’s risk, factor investing, and ESG analytical tools and models.  Prior to this, he studied experimental psychology and taught high school in New York City.  From day one at MSCI, he was comfortable being out of the closet because of the amazing allies he had sitting next to him.  He has seen up front the positive effect that being confidently and unapologetically out at work can have on other colleagues’ viewpoints.  As EMEA co-chair for the newly formed LGBT+ Employee Resource Group at MSCI, he is excited to further MSCI’s reputation as a place that welcomes and nurtures everyone.

While new to the corporate side of LGBT+ advocacy, he has been involved in related organizations since coming out of the closet as an undergraduate in Texas.  He was the treasurer for Texas Tech’s LGBT student group and helped raise money for an LGBT-specific scholarship.  He has also volunteered for the Human Rights Campaign and for the Front Runners, a gay running club.

Hailing from Texas originally, Michael, his husband, and two American-born cats, are happy to call London home since 2017.