Michael Burnham

Mike is a Vice President at State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) as their Global Head of Product Data Management.  He has worked in banking and funds management for twenty years with the majority of this time in Product Management roles.  With his background in Product Management, Mike now heads up a team which automates and disseminates all Product Data for SSGA’s range of Funds and ETFs in EMEA. The success of this program has seen Mike’s remit moved to a global one with staff in North America and APAC now replicating the initiatives Mike introduced in EMEA. As with most financial institutions, State Street has invested heavily in IT projects across the corporation and Mike sees this as a very exciting time for anyone who has an interest in this area.

In addition to the above, Mike has spent the last 6 years at SSGA as Co-Chair of their UK Pride Network expanding the focus of the network to ensure all areas of the LGBT+ community feel represented within the workplace.  A big part of this work for Mike since taking over the Co-Chair position has been to concentrate on the “inclusive” aspect of D&I and how the network could work with HR to ensure all policies are explicitly inclusive of LGBT+ staff. This has resulted in changes to our existing bereavement,   adoption and parental leave policies but also the introduction of new policies such as our Transitioning in the Workplace policy. 

Over the last six years the State Street Pride Network has also focussed more on events that look at the intersectionality Pride has with other employee networks like the Professional Women’s Network, Families Network, Race and Ethnicity Network and the newly launched Mental Health network-Shine. This was a purposeful goal for Mike as he saw the value of not only what makes us different but what issues do the wider employee population share with Pride.

Mike has also been a huge champion of State Street’s Corporate Citizenship team and with their support has done considerable amount of work with Opening Doors London and Positive East which resulted in Mike being appointed as a Trustee for Positive East this year.

He is originally from New Zealand but has been living in London for the last 11 years and now splits his time between the UK and Switzerland.