Emmanuelle Mathey

Emmanuelle recently joined Schroders as the Head of Credit Risk for the Group. She spent the previous 10 years working at JP Morgan in London and Sydney where she was an Executive Director managing Credit Risk for the Investment Bank. Her focus was predominantly in the Asset Management space (including Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate and Pension funds). Emmanuelle holds a Master in International Environmental Law from Aix-en-Provence University in France and in International Public Law from Tubingen University in Germany. Emmanuelle and her wife have a 4 month old baby girl.

Outside of her day job, Emmanuelle is very actively involved in Corporate Responsibility both with philanthropic initiatives and Diversity & Inclusion efforts, focusing specifically on LGBT and women. She is a member of SchOUT, the Schroders LGBT+ employee group, and was part of the PRIDE network at JP Morgan where she worked on helping launch new chapters around the world. She hopes to use her previous experience to help SchOUT grow in size and in geographical reach.

Emmanuelle believes in the importance of visibility and of the availability of role models. As a result, she is very open about being gay, especially with junior people and when recruiting and she puts a lot of emphasis on ongoing education as most people mean well and want to be inclusive but end up unwillingly discriminating. She is particularly interested in ensuring that all employees are more familiar with the T in LGBT and how to be trans-inclusive in the workplace.