David Wood

For the last 14 years David has been working in the financial services industry, starting in a small NatWest office in North Yorkshire and working his way through Commercial / Corporate / Markets & International business sectors until his current role at Redington Limited as the Senior Lead Project Manager. When David started in the industry, he was not out as a gay man, the subject was not discussed and concepts of diversity and inclusion seemed a million miles away. “Not bringing your whole self to work is exhausting and means energy you could be channelling into your role is diverted into trying to fit in and playing the pronoun game by talking of partners as ‘they’ rather than ‘he’.”

10 years ago he had enough and despite getting advice from more senior colleagues that it might “impact his career aspirations” he knew that he couldn’t carry on the way he had. After coming out at work his confidence grew to what it was when he was out at university being involved in the LGB (as it was then) society and LGBT issues. “If there had been more senior role models in those early days of my career who were LGBT or vocal allies standing up for us, it would have been an easier journey”. He goes on to add “Even a senior manager, LGBTQ+ or ally, wearing a rainbow lanyard might seem a small gesture, but if you are not out, the sight of that is a big thing to know there is support out there”. 

Redington has an active D&I policy and inclusive values which has translated into a positive working environment. “Being true to myself and acting as a positive influence for change are amongst my own values. In my personal life, since being London chair of the RBS Rainbow network for a number of years up until 2016, I continue to enjoy being active in the LGBTQ+ community through both coordinating independent professional networking events to raise awareness and educate within financial services industry and volunteering with the charity Opening Doors London that supports the London’s older LGBTQ+ community”.