Charlotte Pope-Williams

Charlotte was called to the Bar in 2011 and has worked as an Employed Barrister in the Bank of England’s Legal Directorate since February 2014.  Charlotte’s current role involves providing high calibre legal advice and support to policy, supervisory and operational areas across all of the Bank’s functions as the United Kingdom’s micro- and macro-prudential regulator, resolution authority and central bank.  This means that as a lawyer at the Bank Charlotte often has opportunities to engage complex and often high-profile work.

Charlotte is deeply passionate about matters of diversity and inclusion having previously been a Co-Chair of the Bank of England’s Ethic Minority Network.  Charlotte also mentors several young people, all of whom have at least one protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. 

Charlotte is an LGBT ally in the Bank’s LGBT+ and Allies Network, one of the longest-established staff networks in the Bank.  Allies play an important role in making the Bank an LGBT+ friendly workplace.  The Bank’s LGBT allies do this by being visibly and vocally “out” as allies to our LGBT+ colleagues, by being aware of issues relevant to the LGBT+ community, and by getting involved in the activities of the network.  The Bank’s LGBT+ and Allies Network engages with the Bank’s Diversity and Inclusion team to provide input on the Bank’s LGBT inclusiveness.  The network also organises the Bank’s involvement in London’s annual Pride celebrations as well as organising social events and guest speakers to raise awareness to name but a few of its activities. 

Charlotte has a particular interest in intersectionality and the potential challenges faced by those from ethnic minority backgrounds who are also part of the LGBT community.  She is keen to use her platform to advocate on behalf of others and provide support wherever possible as an LGBT ally.  Charlotte considers that putting herself forward as a visible role model and supporter of those in the LGBT community is one of the ways in which she can achieve this aim.

Outside of work Charlotte has a keen interest all things related to the Eastern Caribbean and her Vincentian heritage, from the history of the 32 islands and cays that make up St Vincent and the Grenadines, to literature, food and the annual carnival.  Charlotte is also a vociferous reader, enjoys singing as part of the Singology choir and loves to attend the theatre whenever time permits, notably productions by the Talawa Theatre Company.