Arnab Biswas

Arnab Biswas, currently Manager in Finance, has joined Fidelity in November 2014, as an Assistant Manager and has 8 years of experience in Hedge Fund/Mutual Fund industry. He is an active member of the India Diversity and Inclusion team and India LGBT+ lead for Fidelity. Prior to working with Fidelity, Arnab was working for global banks like CITI and HSBC where he was responsible for Financial Reporting and taxation. Arnab is extremely passionate about Fitness but at the same time fond of baking cakes, cookies and other delicacies during his free time.

Biswas, who presently lives in Delhi, came out to his family at the age of 20. He comes from an “orthodox and traditional” joint family in Kolkata. It was his mother who broke the news to his family in 2004, as she struggled to come to terms with it. Today, he says, his mother is “the biggest supporter for the LGBTQI community

For many years he has been supporting the LGBTI diversity and inclusion at various spheres of life and has 27,000 followers on Instagram which mainly highlights on LGBTI inclusion in society at large. He was recently invited at the Lord of Mayor dinner, London for his contribution on LGBT inclusion at Fidelity, Gurgaon. He is also one of the speakers at the upcoming NASSCOM India Diversity Summit happening in March 2019. Biswas has recently partnered with Keshav Suri Foundation, which emphasises on promoting equality and transgender empowerment.